Xline & Xpair - Solutions for Overhead Cranes

Xline & Xpair - New Solutions for Overhead Cranes

Enclosed Conductor Rail and Radio Remote Control

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Swift, simple, safe – get Xline and Xpair in your hands today!

Our brand-new Xline is an innovative enclosed conductor rail, featuring an X-arrangement for top contact quality and stability. With only one collector needed and a torsion-resistant design, Xline ensures constant contact in all applications, reducing maintenance needs. Tool-free assembly saves time on-site, while streamlined logistics simplify order processing. Ideal for indoor Overhead Cranes, Xline offers efficient and reliable power transmission.

Xline Enclosed Condutor Rail for Overhead Cranes

For crane remote controls, we are launching Xpair, our brand-new offering for standard overhead crane operations, ensuring safety, functionality, and ease of use. With PLc Cat.2 Safety Level, Xpair ensures that movements stop when buttons are released and thus meets the requirements of the EN 15011 standard. Quick installation, simplified maintenance, and easy transmitter replacement streamline operations. Featuring intuitive controls, programmable buttons, and long-lasting battery life, Xpair maximizes efficiency and precision. Ideal for standard overhead cranes and tandem lifting operations, Xpair revolutionizes industrial lifting.

Xpair - Radio Remote Control for Overhead Cranes

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