Conductix-Wampfler offers Energy & Data Transmission Systems for the Automotive industry

Capital intensive automobile manufacturing plants produce a large volume of high quality vehicles. But they also must be flexible to handle a wide variety of rapidly changing models. Only the most versatile, reliable, and  ergonomic equipment is used in modern automotive plants – and that is exactly where you will find Conductix-Wampfler products.

In the early stages of manufacture, electric  overhead traveling cranes ( EOT) handle steel coils, foundry parts, and raw materials.  Transfer cars take tooling and materials to and from the presses in the press shop. Components are transferred by  Electrified Monorail Systems ( EMS) to the body shop, where “bodies in white” (BIW) take shape.  EMS or powered  skid conveyors move raw car bodies to the paint shop. Large scale  Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems ( AS/RS) provide a storage buffer for just-in-time sequencing of assemblies.  Automated guided vehicles ( AGV) and rail guided vehicles (RGV) are used at the drive train pre-assembly lines and at the “marriage line” (chassis decking). In final assembly,  EMS and conveyors operate under the ceiling, while  skillet lines work at floor level. Assembly workers need workstations, hoists, tool balancers, and tool transports for required tools, as well as electric and pneumatic power to operate them.

We offer a wide range of energy and data transmission solutions to work alongside the full spectrum of automotive manufacturing processes. Whether it is to provide power and data for cranes, electrified monorail systems, conveyors, transfer cars, skillet systems, or assembly tools, Conductix-Wampfler has the right solutions for the need.

Conductor Rails–power  EOT crane runways,  electrified monorail systems ( EMS), transfer cars, flexible  conveyor systems and large-scale AS/RS.

Cable Festoon Systems – manage  cables for  EOT crane bridge travel,  AS/RS systems and manage assembly line  electric and compressed air lines for power tools.

Inductive Power Transfer (IPT®) – provides contactless power for transfer carsskillet lines with lift tables,  Automated Guided Vehicles ( AGV) or Rail Guided Vehicles (RGV).

Electric/Compressed Air Systems, Tool Transports, and  Balancers – to increase productivity and safety on assembly lines, our systems provide easy access to assembly line tools, constant electric and compressed air for power and ergonomic assists.

Spring-Driven Cable Reels – provide external 12V energy supply for the vehicle testing and for different types of transfer cars.

High-speed Cellular Buffers – to cushion impacts on lift stations and turntables.

Jay Radio Remote Controls –  offer a safe way of operating or monitoring machines from a distance. The comprehensive range of industrial and safety radio remote controls offers countless solutions to adapt to an extensive number of automotive applications.

Fahrerlose Transportsysteme - Montagelinie für Baumaschinen

Montagelinie für Baumaschinen


Clayton, North Carolina

Conductix-Wampfler Inc. [USA]

Technische Anforderung
Energieversorgung des Fahrerlosen Transportsystems

Länge [System]
337 m [2 Weichen]

Anzahl Fahrzeuge
16 [+ 1 Ersatzfahrzeug]

Zusatzinformation [Fahrzeug]

  • Gewicht [leer]: 4,3 t
  • Tragkraft: 19 t

Verfahrgeschwindigkeit [Verbraucher]
5,5 m/min


  • IPT® (Inductive Power Transfer)
  • iDAT

Ergänzende Produktbeschreibung[en]
Mit iDAT Spurführung, Positionierung und Datenübertragung


  • 2,5 kW F-Pickup [2 St. je Fahrzeug]
  • 16 kW IPT® Track Supply [5 St.]
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