Stage Technology

Conductix-Wampfler offers Energy & Data Transmisson Systems for the Stage Technology industry

Today, more than ever, successful theatrical performances feature dynamic interplay between stage components. Parts that are raised, lowered, or directed need the right energy and  data transmission technologies. Moveable stage lighting battens and lighted acoustic panels require power and control signals to the moving parts.  Cables for moving audio systems must be managed. Scenery wagons require electrical supply to junction boxes and interlocks. Control signals and data bus signals are needed for stage lifts. Mobile media towers in the wings require energy supply and control for spotlights, transmission of audio signals, and other necessary energy and data transfer. Electrical power, audio, video, and data bus signals must be supplied to revolving stages or rotating props. Everything must run flawlessly or the show can’t go on!

When you need the optimum solution for your moving stage and theater applications, call Conductix-Wampfler. With more than 50 years of experience and installations all over the world, we provide the stage technology that makes it all run, both over stage and for under-stage machinery. Conductix-Wampfler goes beyond just the supply of products. We offer competent advice on the selection of the optimum  cables and accessories and project planning to include comprehensive logistical concepts and on-site commissioning.

Spring-driven and  Motor-driven Cable Reels – manage silently and automatically lighting power cables, DMX cables, and Ethernet  cables as light battens move.

Cable Festoon System – can be used alone or with  spring-driven cable reels to create highly flexible moving systems.

Energy Guiding Chains – manage multiple power and data  cables in a single chain to power and control stage lifts.  Cable Chains are used in a zig-zag pattern as alternative to cable reels, or an alternative to  festoons for linear motion.

Inductive Power Transfer (IPT®) – powers stage wagons contactless in a way that is completely hidden from the audience.  IPT® can be used in curved applications to transfer power to revolving stages also!

Conductor Rails – supply energy and data to mobile lighting, speaker and media towers in the wings. Multiple towers can run from the same  conductor rail system. Curved  conductor rails can be used to transfer power and data to rotating stages.

Slip Ring Assemblies – transmit continually power and data signals such as DMX, Ethernet, Profibus, CAN bus into revolving stages or stage props.

Drehbühnenwagen in einer Oper

Drehbühnenwagen in einer Oper



Conductix-Wampfler AG [D]

Neue Oper Oslo

Technische Anforderung[en]

  • Energieversorgung Licht | Personenversenkung [Schleifleitungssystem Programm 0812]
  • Drehen | Fahren [Schleifleitungssystem Programm 0831
  • Not-Aus Funktion | Datenübertragung [Energieführungskette "Mamba"]


  • Schleifleitung "Programm 0812"
  • Schleifleitung "Programm 0831"

Ergänzende Produktbeschreibung[en]

  • Programm 0812 [ Länge: 24 m | Strom: 320 A | Spannung: 400 V ]
  • Programm 0831 [ Länge: 24 m | Strom: 60 A | Spannung: 400 V ]

Anzahl Pole
je Schleifleitungsprogramm 10

4 je Schiene [Programm 0812] | 2 je Schiene [Programm 0831]



  • Energieführungskette "Mamba" wird zur Datenübertragung eingesetzt [ Leitungen: 1 x 12x1,5 mm2 | 3 x Profibus 1x2x0,5 mm2 | 2 x Ethernet Cat5 2x2x0,25C mm2
  • Gliederlose Kette, geräuscharm und sehr kleiner Einbauraum [230 x 300 mm]
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