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Conductix-Wampfler offers Energy & Data Transmission Systems for the Transit industry

As large urban areas deal with traffic congestion, space constraints, and air pollution, they will increasingly turn to “green” electric mass transit systems.  Conductor rails for LRTs ( light rail transit), monorails, and APMs ( automated people movers) must be reliable, long-wearing, and energy efficient, while needing minimal maintenance. Transit operators demand the optimal  conductor bar profiles and layouts to meet specific system operating requirements. They need engineering services, installation assistance, and commissioning oversight. Over time, steel 3rd rail systems will convert to highly conductive stainless steel capped aluminum rails to reduce energy consumption, lower installation costs, and minimize the number of power substations. These “green” rails must provide operating life equivalent to all-steel rails. Innovative PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) concepts need ingenious  conductor rail solutions and technically advanced battery charging systems. Lastly, train operators need power and safe plug-in for vehicles parked in maintenance facilities.

For over six decades, Conductix-Wampfler has built a reputation as the global supplier of choice for “green”, energy efficient aluminum/stainless  conductor rail solutions,  contactless charging systems, and train plug-in power solutions. We have the engineering know-how, practical experience, and testing capabilities to be a partner in your success! We offer:

Conductor Rail Systems

  • Crimped Cap aluminum/stainless profiles from 320 amps to 4500 amps for APMs, PRTs, LRTs, and monorail systems
  • Welded Cap aluminum/stainless profiles from 4500 to 6000 amps – for 3rd and 4th rail systems
  • Insulators, collectors, and shoes optimized for the system

Rail Testing

  • Our fully staffed test facilities, along with extensive field trials, verify transit component designs.  We offer general testing services as well
  • Our proprietary PRIAS (Power Rail Intelligent Analysis System) diagnostic tool improves system performance by measuring and locating hot spots and inconsistencies in the rails

Stinger Systems – reduce the hazards associated with live plugging of parked trains

  • A combination of conductor rails, cable festoon systems, drop leads, and connectors supply power for vehicles parked in maintenance facilities
  • Stingers are customized to the needs of the individual operator; many safety features are offered to prevent unintentional energizing of train circuits and accidental drive-off

Transfer between "MGM-Hotels" and the Casinos "Monte Carlo" and "Bellagio" in Las Vegas [cable liner system | DCC]

Transfer between the "MGM-Hotels" and the Casinos "Monte Carlo" and "Bellagio" in Las Vegas [cable liner system | DCC]




Las Vegas

Representative office
Conductix-Wampfler AG [D]


Doppelmayr [DCC]

Siemens, Austria

Technical requirement[s]

Electrification of the interior equipment of the People Mover


Conductor Rail, Program 0812 SinglePowerLine

Number of [Load]


Travel distance [Load]

2 x 650 m

Travel speed [Load]

37,8 km/h

Number of poles

3 + PE

Collector assembly

Double collector


150 A


480 V [AC]

Additional information

  • In operation: 24 hrs./day
  • System capacity: 3000 passengers per hour and per direction

Relevant Products

Single PowerLine 0812