Energy Guiding Systems Mamba Stock&Go


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The energy guiding systems Mamba Stock&Go are related to energy guiding chain solutions, but compensate their drawbacks by some new constructional features. So the profile is without articulated joints and links, but is still highly flexible. Wear on hinged joints will be a thing of the past. The profiles are moreover running very quietly and vibration-free.

The one-piece guide-channel can be easily mounted to box girders and I-beams. The channel connecting technique with hinged metal strips on connecting plates does not require any tool. Costs can be saved by the possibility to use two low-priced Wampfler PVC flat cables in the profile. Separated by a anti-friction strip these will move trouble-free and permanently within the guide profile.

Simple logistics complete this reliable solution. With one number you order a complete set. Seven sets cover all possible travel distances for these applications. The main applications are standard indoor cranes with radio remote control or applications with a 4-core energy and a 12-core control cable up to 27 m travel distance.