Conductix-Wampfler at Intelligent Cities in Hamburg


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Conductix-Wampfler was present at Intelligent Cities Expo held in the Hanseatic City Hamburg and announced a new generation of the wireless charging system IPT®Charge.

All professional visitors, among them architects, city planners, consultants or infrastructure engineers, spend 3 intensive conference days in Hamburg and were looking for solutions for cities of the 21st century. One of these solutions could be seen for the very first time at the attractive Conductix-Wampfler booth.

The new generation of IPT®Charge for urban transport – the Urban Solution –was presented in a real scale bus stop. The IPT®Charge Urban Solution offers the possibility to operate full electric buses in commercial lines supported by a nearly invisible infrastructure, fully integrated in the urban environment.

Full electric buses are now becoming state-of-the-art and their commercial operation in crowded urban areas will be made possible in conjunction with IPT®Charge.