Successful integration of industrial and safety Jay radio remote controls into the range of products

Expanding the full line Portfolio

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In July 2019, Conductix-Wampfler acquired the French company Jay Electronique. About a year later, the solution range of safety radio remote controls is fully integrated into the offering of Conductix-Wampfler. The comprehensive Jay radio remote control line, complying with highest safety standards up to SIL 3 PL e, is a perfect fit to serve customers with combined solutions for energy supply, data transmission and remote controls, including remote fleet emergency stop.

Product management, business development and engineering worked hand-in-hand to prepare and conduct training sessions with Conductix-Wampfler sales branches around the globe. The comprehensive training of the sales teams in the Jay solution range and their application is the foundation for a solid integration of the product group and preparation for the global roll-out.
Market Managers have bundled first application solutions consisting of energy supply, data management and radio remote controls. They address a wide range of applications such as overhead and process cranes, explosive environments but also Automated Guided Vehicles and Autonomous Mobile Robots.

The company site is located in Saint-Ismier near Grenoble, France. It will develop into the Center of Excellence for radio remote controls. Around 60 employees work with strong expertise on the development and production of Jay radio remote controls and the supply to customers worldwide through the global sales and service network of Conductix-Wampfler.