WirelessCharger 3.0 enables smart battery charging management

Conductix-Wampfler Automation GmbH is the winner of the Brandenburg Innovation Award 2023

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The outstanding expertise of Conductix-Wampfler Automation GmbH in inductive energy transmission has convinced the jury of the Brandenburg Innovation Award 2023. The Potsdam-based company is one of the four prize winners. A great success! The innovative product submitted by Conductix-Wampfler and now awarded is the WirelessCharger 3.0, an inductive battery charging system for all types of industrial vehicles.

With the WirelessCharger 3.0, Conductix-Wampfler presents a solution that enables wireless, automated battery charging. Jörg Spiegel, Head of Operations, is extremely pleased to have an award-winning product in the portfolio: "The Innovation Award confirms the verdict of our satisfied customers - and our enthusiasm about this product. Our Wireless Charger brings great advantages in the industrial mobile workday. Thanks to our technology, even small time windows can be used for charging when loading goods or during waiting times. Batteries can be smaller and their wear and tear can be drastically minimized as there are no open contact surfaces. The list of advantages could be extended."


"Industrial Mobility" on a new level thanks to intelligent charging technology

The technical highlight of the WirelessCharger 3.0: The inductive power supply (IPS). It converts the mains voltage into a higher-frequency alternating voltage. When lithium batteries are used, the charging process is optimized by constant interaction between the on-board battery management system (BMS) and the inductive power supply. The IPS supplies only the power that is needed at the moment. Demand-based charging and short charging intervals reduce the thermal load on the battery and increase cell life. The entire design of the Wirelesss Charger stands for sustainability and environmental awareness. The system consists of only four core components that can be recycled individually. The use of lead-free electronics is a matter of course.


Competence Center "Wireless Power"

The WirelessCharger 3.0 was developed entirely at the Potsdam site. Manufacturing is ensured via local supply chains in Brandenburg as well as Berlin-based companies. Assembly, including the test series, also took place 100% at the Conductix-Wampfler Automation plant at the Potsdam site. The WirelessCharger 3.0 enables Potsdam to distinguish itself as a competence center for innovative battery charging technology.

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