Media Supply System W5-traxX

Continuous supply of compressed air, electrical energy and data for moving consumers / Adaptable linear encoder / Maximum safety

Weil am Rhein

Wampfler achieves growth in all regions and markets / optimism for 2006

Testtrack V-Rex 300

For the first time energy and data transmission systems can now be developed and tested in near-real conditions / Test carrier for developing new solutions for container cranes.

Fiber optic rotary joint Opto-Twister

The overall dimension of the motor cable reel is reduced by 70% due to the compact design and the optimized mounting of the new Fiber Optic Rotary Joint (FORJ).

Michael Eckle

Michael Eckle has been managing Wampfler Australia Pty Ltd. since January 2006 / predecessor Ivor Watt has gone into retirement

Motorized Cable Reel GPT

Framework agreement with Gottwald Port Technology / Complete energy supply for new automated stacker cranes agreed upon / Worldwide use in planned P&O gateways

High Storage Warehouse Quinn Glass, Liverpool

Energy supply systems for 24 storage aisles which are 290 meters long / 0812 conductor rail systems for Quinn Glass’s high-storage warehouse at Liverpool, UK / Stöcklin Limited UK is the ordering party

High Storage Warehouse Quinn Glass, Liverpool

Implementing prestige projects around the globe / Festoon systems for container terminals in Singapore / Supplying assembly lines in the automotive industry