Accessories for Radio Remote Controls

Antennas for Radio Remote Controls

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The use of radio communication in industrial environments is marked by different factors that affect the propagation of radio waves and influence their attenuation. In order to achieve a reliable radio link, we offer a broad range of antennas for radio remote controls, to adapt to each environment.

IR Cells for Radio Remote Controls

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IR cells are additional infrared links for radio remote controls that can ensure that:

  • the operator stays within the working area
  • the right equipment has been selected

Harnesses for Radio Remote Controls

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Harnesses and other carrying accessories are key for the operator to feel comfortable while controlling equipment with radio remote controls in potentially dangerous environments. Such comfort guarantees that the operator always has the radio remote control close. The weight of the radio remote control is also more evenly distributed, which leads to the ability of handling it easier and for longer periods of time without fatigue.