Communication systems for LJU controllers

Plant management with bus systems

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Digitalization has also taken the management of automation plants to a new level. Today, the most complex plant layouts can be realized. Highly dynamic vehicles that can be assigned new destinations on the fly are distributed across widely ramified systems that keep the production process running across multiple levels in state-of-the-art factories.

We have developed a powerful, scalable, and proven technology through many installations in recent years. In the interaction of bidirectional communication between vehicles and controllers and the exchange of this data with the master control unit, even hundreds of vehicles can be easily managed.

Product data

iDM systems

  • Central management of all TCUs (track control units) and vehicles by the MCU (master control unit)
  • Management of the plant parameters by the MCU
  • Management of up to 1000 vehicles possible
  • Test of the plant function by virtual commissioning
  • Configuration, visualization and simulation of the plant functions by means of software (iDM-SyMa)
  • Fertige Funktionsbausteine für die Kommunikation zwischen SPS und MCU    

Bus master systems

  • Decentralized management of all vehicles by the bus master
  • Management of the plant parameters by the Dkz
  • Management of up to 1000 vehicles possible
  • Configuration of the system functions by means of software (DkzPara)


Plant management with PCM systems

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For decades, pulse code modulation has been a simple and effective method of transmitting signals and commands safely. The technology can be easily mastered even under the most adverse conditions since commands and messages are each transmitted via a standard loop line.

More than 25 years ago, we were already instrumental in establishing PCM technology in moving conveyor technology. Even today, this simple but effective technology can be used for certain applications.

Product data

PCM (Pulse-Code-Modulation)

  • already up to 190 commands can be generated with the central module
  • Implementation of medium complex applications possible

Half wave

  • 3 commands available
  • for simplest applications
  • no special modules for signal management necessary